Vegan Diet???

So here’s the deal. I’m a vegetarian because I believe animals are our equals. If others don’t believe that I don’t hate them or try to burn them at the stake. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and I think that’s a beautiful thing. Now even though I’m a vegetarian I try to use as many vegan products as possible because just not eating meat sometimes doesn’t feel like enough. I’m not saying all vegetarians feel this way, but sometimes the guilt weighs me down a lot. I live in Idaho so the meat eating population far outweighs people who touch vegetables, let alone live off them. But I met this really cool guy in one of my classes this last semester who has been vegan for years. He and his wife work on it together even though she isn’t vegan. He explained to me how and why he does it and I have decided to give it a try. Now I’m not in a position to live vegan yet because of living with my parents (aka the Idahoins) but I can still try so I have decided to go a week completely vegan and see how it suits me, starting Sunday. I will be keeping a journal I will post on the following Sunday of what I ate and what products I used. I will also be attempting to limit my usual waste output. Wish me luck and send me recipes you think I should try on instagram and email!


Grocery List

Vegan Grocery List:

Plant based protein powder 

Coconut milk

Frozen fruit

Banana 2 dozen

6 avocado 

White rice 1 small bag

Brown rice 1 big bag


1 English cucumber 

2 zucchini 

1 lemon

Chia seeds

3 cans black beans

4 cans pinto beans

1 lager bag edamame 

Green beans 

Veggie tortillas 

Sunflower seeds unsalted 

Romain Lettuce 



I totally and completely want to be vegan. It was so hard I have never been on a stricter diet. I would need to live alone to do this it was so hard being around non vegan food and not eating it. I do think if I ever became vegan I wouldn’t be really vegan. One word… Eggs. I need eggs in my diet because of my nut allergies. I only eat local eggs now, but after doing my own research I want my own rescue chickens and if the Lay eggs then I would eat them. I will put a link at the end for rescue chickens.

As far as the diet itself, everything was so freaking good. Bread was the only hard thing to not eat. Vegan bread is just as good though so not a huge life alteration there, just memory was hard. Remembering what was vegan and what wasn’t. I am just appalled at how many animal parts are snuck into our daily lives. I am really looking forward to my next vegan experiment. It was an amazing adventure.


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