Structural Integrity

We had an interesting talk in one of my classes the other day. We talked about how people are unwilling to change their behavior and belief systems and that this eventually could be their down fall. My professor made the comment that peoples belief systems (be it politics, diet, religion, day to day schedules) were a lot like building structures. A building must be able to bend an flex when the wind hits it or there is an earthquake. I realized that I knew so many people who were so set in their ways that if a slight breeze were to hit them they would do one of two things; crumble to their knees never to stand again or drown themselves in delusion and denial they would eventually die alone in a lie. I saw that this even applied to me in some ways.

I pride myself on being very open minded and of my respect for everyone’s opinion, but even somethings are hard for me to grasp, but I do need to be able to accept that everyone is different in so many different ways. It is a beautiful thing when someone can love and accept.

In a world so stiff and full of hatred and tension, now more than ever it is important to be flexible. To withstand the storm of different ideas of an ever changing world we need to learn to have a belief system that is open to change and new ways.

As of late I have met many people who have been soured by the world. Their minds are closed and their hearts are hardened. The world is all black and white and the parts that aren’t are a depressing dreary grey to them. Their hope is gone. Their structures were built to stiff and when their walls began to crack and crash down, they didn’t rebuild. Instead they nested in the ruble and hang their heads in a hopeless posture and pushed away people offering to take away the ruins. Instead of adapting and growing they chose to remain angry and warped.

I don’t know about you, but I am glad my house was built to sway in the wind and to bend when a storm hits. Even though it’s scary sometimes to sway and swing, but I know I won’t crash down. It’s hard to do this and sometimes I even fail and the building crashed down, but the difference between me and the other I have met is that I am willing to accept help to drag away the broken pieces and to rebuild with a better frame.

I can see the potential of people and of the world. I have faith that we can live up to it, but in order to do that we have to live in these swinging houses and swaying skyscrapers. Not having a strict set of rules is scary, but it also can be a really good and healthy thing. I encourage everyone to rebuild if they must and to tough it out in our nerve racking malleable homes. Because a new world is on the rise and you don’t want to miss out on its beautiful horizon.



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