Make Time

     So it’s been a while. Let me tell you, between school, work, and my position on the school news website, I have been so booked. I’ve been beyond booked, I’m spread so thin that I woke up a few days ago, was going through my morning routine and my mom knocks on my bathroom door and says “Happy Birthday!” and I had no idea what she is talking about. Yes, that’s right folks, I forgot it was my birthday.This is something I think is so important to pay attention too (being spread so thin not my birthday).

     We get so caught up in our day to day struggles we forget to do things for ourselves. This is not healthy. I haven’t gone hiking in weeks; one because it’s hunting season, two because I haven’t been paying attention to what I need. What I need in my life, no matter what, is a connection to the world around me. Most of the time that is nature. I can’t live without fresh air! Other times this is a social or emotional connection. I haven’t gone out with friends in possibly a month for something that was not school or work related.

     So now to the good part. What can we do to change this mode of operation? Well I’m glad you asked. We take a HUGE step back and listen to ourselves. What do we need right now to feel healthier and happier? Do we need to make time to exersize more? Do we need to read a book? Am I just needing to slow things down? Or have I maybe just not been eating as well as I should be?

    Whatever it is, you need to take some time to figure it out. I know I will be going hiking this weekend one morning. I will be organizing my diet more (less coffee more actual food). Longer showers and better time management. Listening to what we need is one of the key components to putting out good vibes.

     The world is a hard place to live in, but we can make it a much easier place to live in by listening to what we need. I hope you all find time to give yourself what you need this week and in all of your future!


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