Mug Cake and Cravings

So here’s the thing you guys, I hate sweets. Candy upsets my stomach, cake makes me cringe, banana bread brings tears to my eyes, any kind sugary substance, be it coffee, tea, or milkshake alike, I will not get within a foot of it, and all the while the smell of any kind of sweet baked good makes my gaging reflex do more work than it should ever have to do. Despite the fact that almost 100 percent of the time I would rather eat a head of lettuce filled with fresh Spanish rice and onions than have a chocolate Sunday topped with a cherry, I do get cravings just like every human being in the world.

The thing I have realized about cravings is that it’s okay to give in. Hearing about my strict vegetarian diet, that consists of the least possible amount of sugar, you may be picturing a stick thin super model typing away over here, so just in case you haven’t seen me on my Instagram yet ( ) you should know I am an average built person. I’m not fat nor am I skinny. I have a muscular body, but am lacking in the six-pack-Michelle-Obama-arms area. I am built like a normal person I am proud to say. Someone who eats healthy because it feels good, is active because it makes her feel better, and meditates because it’s what she feels she needs to have a happier life.

Giving into cravings is a part of life. If every ounce of my body is telling me to go on a hike and to be one with nature who am I to tell my body that it shouldn’t want these things. If you were craving a big chilled bowl of fruit on a hot summer’s day would you yell at yourself in your head; scolding your own internal compass for wanting something? If your answer is yes then, in my opinion, you should probably revisit how you think to yourself. The same goes for that cold winters night and all you want is a steaming cup of hot chocolate with a candy cane in it.

When you crave something I recommend giving in. If you are living a healthy lifestyle and making good decisions then why shouldn’t you listen to your inner self when it tells you to get a chocolate bar at the gas station? We all know gluttony is not a good trait. I recommend practicing your self-control with these cravings. Give in, but don’t go ALL IN. Wanting ice cream doesn’t mean wanting a whole tube of Ben and Jerry’s all to yourself. Popcorn doesn’t always mean butter.  Cookies don’t require the consumption of half the cookie dough. And most of all eating does not, and I repeat NOT, mean guilt. Eat good, feel good. These are words to live by ladies and gentlemen.

On that note I would like to share a recipe that I use all the time when I get a craving for chocolate. It doesn’t happen often but when it does this is the perfect serving size and the perfect desert to satisfy my craving no matter how intense. It’s a chocolate mug cake. All you need is a coffee mug, a microwave, and the ingredients listed below.

Recipe for Chocolate Craving Eraser Mug Cake:


1/4 cup all-purpose flour

2 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder

1/4 tsp. baking powder

2 tbsp. granulated sugar

1/8 tsp. salt

1/4 cup + 1 tbsp. milk

2 tbsp. vegetable oil

Chocolate candy or hazelnut spead

(optional) Powdered sugar


  1. Mix together dry ingredients
  2. Add in milk and oil and mix till smooth
  3. Pour into mug
  4. Place chocolate spread or candy in center of mix

(do not mix hazelnut spread in, leave table spoon size drop in center)

  1. Heat in microwave for 1.5 mins covered by wet paper towel
  2. (Optional) top with powdered sugar for extra sweetness
  3. Let cool until edible





Recipe Inspiration:

H. (2016). The Moistest Chocolate Mug Cake – Table for Two. Retrieved October 07, 2016, from

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