Don’t let Gravity get you Down

First of all thank you all for reading today’s post! I’m not even sure if there are any of you out there reading, but all the same thank you and thank you universe and whoever/whatever is in charge of it for the opportunity to put all my thoughts and feeling onto this blog in the hope of helping some people out! Blogging has been a long time dream of mine, but I never could quite get up the confidence to post because it was such a scary thought to me; putting my ideas out there to be scrutinized and judged. But this last week my yoga teacher said something profound that really inspired me to make a few changes to my life.

Somewhere between chanting our oms and reflecting in savasana (corpse pose) she had brought up how people like to stay comfortable. It seems like a good thing doesn’t it? Our whole lives we are told get an education to have a comfortable job. Save your money so you have a comfortable financial cushion. Let society lead you because it’s easier that way. Through our lives we begin to give into gravity and slouch because it is comfortable, but not healthy. Pushing ourselves in to poses and choices that make us uncomfortable is how we make changes in our lives.

Now it’s important to know the difference between pain and being uncomfortable. In yoga we don’t push ourselves into poses we aren’t ready for at the risk of injury. I’ve been practicing yoga for five years and I wouldn’t just walk into a studio and jump right into scorpion position. I would probably end up breaking my spine or worse. I could however walk into the studio and push myself to stay in my hand stand for five seconds longer. I may succeed, I may not. The process will be uncomfortable, but in the end I will have grown, even if I failed.

What I’m getting at I guess is that I’m not asking you to jump out of an air plane if you are afraid of heights. Make yourself uncomfortable every once in a while. Getting over insecurities, fear, pride, and anxiety is what growing is made up of. I for one am scared to death of flying, but I have forced myself to get on a plane millions of times because I love travelling. And with every trip I feel myself grow.

In the words of my yoga teacher, who is seriously the most intense woman I have ever met, seeds don’t just nest in the ground staying comfortable. They are pressed on by the weight of the earth until they crack and then they bloom. We are all seeds in this world and sometimes it feels like gravity itself is pressing us down, crushing our spirits and so we slouch to be comfortable. But if we press back, stand up straight and strong we will crack a bit but then we will bloom and grow.


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