Welcome and why I’m here

Living the Good Vibe Life:

Hi there readers. I’m here at this computer typing away because I believe I may have unlocked one of the secrets to life and I felt that I should be sharing that with the world. Yes there is more than one secret to life and no I don’t think anyone will ever know all of them, but seriously what fun would that be? Anyways, the secret I have for you is one giant cat that’s about to be let out of the bag.

The secret to life is good vibes. Not just putting them out, but also picking up on them. You can tell a lot about a person and situation by just listening close to you intuition and feeling out the vibes around you. This can be hard at first, but through practice I know you can do it. You can practice by any ways you see fit; meditation, yoga, prayer, exercise, therapy, whatever works best for you.

Putting out good vibes is also a key component here. How can we expect good things to come our way if we aren’t putting good things out there? This is a law of physics and of Karma. Whatever is given is gotten. This is something hard to remember at first, even still for me today, but once it is learned I can guarantee life will be a better experience.

Staying positive is a huge mountain to climb for a lot of people, myself included. I wish I could be one of those people that were just birthed out in a ray of sunshine and wrapped in a rainbow, but I wasn’t. I was born screaming and crying wondering why everything was so damn cold. At some point or another in my life I decided I wanted to be positive. It was and still is a huge challenge for me, but the difference in my life is so profound it’s indescribable. I’m ready to tell you all about my life adventures and the current ups and downs of The Good Vibe Life. I am also excited to hear from you about and problems or question you have. No I am not a therapist, no I am not a life coach, and no I am not someone who will ever shame you for having a hard time being positive. I will tell you right now though that this is not a pity party, nor is it a quick fix. If your struggle with any form of mental illness I implore you to see a doctor and couple whatever treatment they give you with good vibes and chill thoughts.


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